o ogiermann & lepenik: ende.gut. (2021) [Tonto] (In Vorbereitung)

o V.A.: The Fox And Other Remixes (2021) ("The White Wolf Remix" auf "Les Machines Molles Remix Platte) [pumpkin records]

o marinski & lepenik: the and of the world (2020) [pumpkin records]

o V.A.: Cafe Wolf Vol.1 (2020) [cooks records]

o lepenik: ouate (2020) [God-Records]

o V.A.: Sing Sang Song! (with Nora Winkler) (2019) [pumpkin records]

o V.A.: ... auf immer nieder! (with Marina Stiegler) (2019) []

o the striggles: low level life (2019) [rock is hell]

o the striggles: eissalon (2018) [noiseappeal records]

o kallabris: plays and sings for the money (guest) [2017]

o lepenik: weibsteufel (2017) [jazztone records]

o lepenik: antilope (2017) [pumpkin records]

o buben im pelz: katzenfestung (guest) (2017) [noiseappeal records]

o bernhard lang: differenz/wiederholung II - live in berlin (2016) [God-Records]

o the gitarren der liebe: How I Failed To Trick My Destiny EP (2015) [numavi records]

o die buben im pelz: die buben im pelz & freundinnen (2015) [konkord-Records]

o the striggles: bilb (2015) [rock is hell]

o the gitarren der liebe: nitzsche in love (2015) [pumpkin records]

o V.A.: Even Worse Than Expected - 2x10" (with the striggles) (2014) [rock is hell]

o kallabris & lepenik: ... on what there is ...(2014) [god]

o the striggles: schiizo box 5x7"-box (& kreisky,bulbul,opcion,peter ablinger & bernhard lang) (2014)[rock is hell]

o V.A.: it can't get worse than this (with the striggles and lepenik) (2013) [rock is hell]

o reflector: 4x7"- Box (2012) [rock is hell / noiseappeal records / interstellar records]

o neigungsgruppe sex gewalt und gute laune: loss mas bleibm (guest)(2012) [trikont records]

o lepenik: mögliche unausweichlichkeiten (2012) [schnapsidee records / chmafu nocords]

o lepenik: postepeno (2012) [god / entr'acte]

o heifetz: heifetz remix-tape (2012) [wilhelm show me the major label]

o the striggles: the striggles (2012) [rock is hell / noiseappeal records]

o slobodan kajkut: krst remixes (2011) [chmafu nocords / wire globe]

o the striggles: StriggCatMummy (2011) [noiseappeal records / rock is hell]

o the striggles: "Sisi-Sessions" - 3MC-Box (2010) [Schnapsidee Records]

o V.A.: "Schnapsidee #20" (with The Striggles and lepenik) (2010)

o V.A.: "The Finest Noise Vol.24" (with The Striggles) (2010)

o slobodan kajkut: god bless god - opern der zukunft (2010) [Klang Debüts]

o the striggles: cold song - 10" (2010) [noiseappeal]

o the striggles: disillusion / reflector: sorry - 7" (2009) [noiseappeal/interstellar/rock is hell]

o the striggles: aloha (2009) [noiseappeal records]

o reflector: pass (guest) (2009)[noiseappeal records]

o V.A.: "return to the mother - a tribute to Nina Hagen" (with The Striggles) (2009) [Woodrecords]

o slobodan kajkut: the compromise is not possible (2008) [wire globe records]

o the striggles: expressionism (2008) [noiseappeal records]
o lepenik: grete vor dem haus (2008) [chmafu nocords]

o ohrmong: a film by stefan bauer (2007) [DVD bei chmafu nocords]
o bernhard lang: theater der wiederholungen (2006) [Kairos-Records]

o V.A.: "megaphon in ton" (with melville) (2006) [Megaphon-Records]

o son of the velvet rat: playground (guest) (2006) [Monkey Mus]

o dorit chrysler: tiny thrills (guest) (2005) [PDN-Records]

o lepenik: "music with words - rhythms for dancing" (2005) [Genesungswerk-Records]

o melville: 17 tv-themes (DoCD) (2005) [Zeiger/Crew8020-Records]

o V.A.: "sonntag abstrakt" (with kaplan/lepenik) (2005) [Kim-Records]

o V.A.: "poetry and chaos" (with lepenik) (2004) [Chmafu-Nocords]

o dorit chrysler: best of (guest) (2004) [PDN-Records]

o laleloo: sane (2004) [Tonto-Records]

o laleloo: loop pool - live in concert (2003) [Chmafu-Nocords]

o V.A.: "fm4 soundselection 8" (with fetish69) (2003) [fm4-Rec]

o V.A.: "compilation 8020" (with melville&dorit chrysler and kaplan/lepenik) (2003) [Crew8020-Records]

o V.A.: "nibbling on the loops" (with melville) (2003) [Sevenahalf-Records]

o V.A.: "fufunjiru marufura:remix patience" (with lepenik) (2003) [Chmafu-Nocords]

o fetish 69: atomized (2003) [Doxa Records]

o kaplan: whistle on carpet (2003) (montage) [Tonto-Records]

o lepenik: treatments (2003) [Tonto-Records]

o V.A.: "revelation no.18" (with melville) (2002) [Revelation-Records]

o V.A.: "austrian audience" (with lepenik) (2002) [Kim-Records]

o laleloo: same (2001) [Tonto-Records]

o melville: musica sentimental para las senoras (2001) [Trost-Records]

o lepenik: if you dig syd, dig for syd (2001) [Tonto-Records]

o V.A.: "habitatg" (with melville) (2001) [Kim-Records]

o fetish 69: dysfunctions & drones (2000) [Trost-Records]

o schlund: 3-head sex machine (guest) (2000) [Duskrecords]

o bernhard lang: differenz/wiederholung II (2000) [Kairos-Records]

o lepenik: atoll k (2000) [Tonto-Records]

o fetish 69: geek (1999) [Doxa Records]

o bernhard lang: versuch über das vergessen II (1998) [Klangschnitte 5]

o picknick mit weismann: same (1997) [Eigenverlag]
o V.A.: "tri compiler" (with fetish 69) (1995) [TriCom - Records]
o fetish 69: purge (1995) [Community / IRS]
o fetish 69: antibody (1993) [Nuclear Blast]

o fetish 69: brute force (1992) [Intellectual Convulsion]
o robert lepenik & edgar peer: music for the people at the red lake (1989) [Eigenverlag]