2023 Exotic Creatures

LP-Vinyl (Rock is Hell 110) 

1) All & Everything
2) Exotic Creatures
3) They Shoot Horses

1) Sleep
2) Closed

Artwork by The Striggles / Flora Krienzer / Max Wegscheidler
Recording, Mixing &Mastering by Bernd Heinrauch

Produced by Bernd Heinrauch & The Striggles
Music & Lyrics by (in alphabetical order): Kajkut, Krienzer, Lepenik, Plass
(c) 2023 Rock Is Hell


2023 Movements
LP-Vinyl (Rock is Hell 108)

1) Rich Kid
2) Rabbit Hole
3) Walk In Line

1) The Conference
2) Movement
3) Coda

Artwork by Flora Krienzer
Recording, Mixing &Mastering by Bernd Heinrauch

Produced by Bernd Heinrauch & The Striggles
Music & Lyrics by (in alphabetical order): Kajkut, Krienzer, Lepenik, Plass
(c) 2023 Rock Is Hell



2022 From Nowhere


9x7" Boxset
limited to 100 copies (76 red print, 24 green print)
clear vinyl
records are housed in an handmade wooden box (with 4 screws)
release date: dec. 3rd

Bronco Jedson & My???tyria
Spring and the Land
The Striggles
Waikiki Star Destroyer
Muscle Tomcat Machine
Macaque Revue (Cow Udderx & Andreas Heller w/ Cooky)
Wolf Lehmann (aka Wolfgang Möstl)
Fugu (Raumschiff Engelmayr & Heimo Wallner)
Hella Comet

each 7" is 1-sided with 1 song from each band with a 14 sided booklet + 4 sided inlay + dl-code
everything is screenprinted!!!



2019 Low Level Life
DoLP-Vinyl (Rock is Hell 85)


Fun In The Sun




Low Level Live

1) Cutie
2) Chansonell 1
3) The Ding Dong Thing
4) An Island
5) Boy With Toy

1) Unpredictable Love
2) On The Corner, Off The Wall
3) Wirklichkeit
4) Sex Fantasies
5) Another Part Of Town

1) Chansonell 2
2) We Live Alone
3) Big Warm Deep

The Striggles are (in alphabetical order): Kajkut, Krienzer, Lepenik, Plass

Artwork by Bernhard Bauer
Mastering by Bernd Heinrauch
Music and Mixing by The Striggles
Lyrics (except for "The Ding Dong Thing" & "Another Part Of Town": Co-writing by Marina Stiegler) by The Striggles
Some Songs recorded at Sisi Top Studios, some by the Striggles themselves.
(c) 2019 Rock Is Hell


2018 Eissalon
7" (Noise Appeal noise 15)

Side A: The Striggles: Eissalon

Side 1: 27: Jolene




2015 Bilb
DoLP-Vinyl (Rock is Hell 65)

side 1
huh huh

die nation

lady gaga's fashion line

lick in my head


side 2
dc weg

sesam sezam



side 3

side 4
...something happened...something wild...

pig gesicht

net daham

Recorded & mixed & produced & mastered by Bernd Heinrauch

Artwork by Bernhard Bauer

2014 The Striggles & Friends: Schiizo Box - 5x7"

mit Bernhard Lang, bulbul, Kreisky, Opcion, Peter Ablinger

5x7"-Box (Rock is Hell 58)


...the blue one...

Side A: Peter Ablinger: black & white / Side 1: The Striggles: at the end of the day

...the yellow one...

Side A: Kreisky: ballett / Side 1: The Striggles: das ist doch kein echter Krieg

...the pink one...

Side A: bulbul: 331/345 / Side 1: The Striggles: meine kleine schwester

...the green one...

Side A: Bernhard Lang: he wouldn't notice / Side 1: The Striggles: lines

...the red one...

Side A: Opcion: I...I... / Side 1: The Striggles: kårl




2014 "Even Worse Than Expected" -2x10"


A1 The Striggles"Suzie"
A2 Mark Deutrom "The Tail"
A3 Hella Comet "No Buzz"
B1 Seawhores"Rebenga"
B2 Macaque Revue "Calling My Name"
B3 Bug "Long Term Non Progressor"
C1 Regolith "6EQUJ5"
C2 Nate Denver's Neck "Big Elk Runs Fast"
C3 bulbul"Hymne"

1st 10" pressed on brown wax, 2nd 10" pressed on orange wax w/ silkscreened D-side
grey cover, 200 copies
green cover, 200 copies

release date: sept. 05.


2013   It can't get worse than this


LP-Vinyl (Rock is Hell 50)


the 50th rock is hell release--> 50 bands..50 songs..locked grooves..inside out... loops...
(with chfs, [[[Altar:Thron]]], Bug, Maja Osojnik, Spring And The Land, Mile Me Deaf, Riverwitch, Regolith, Ein Schluck Brod, ddkern, Macaque Revue, Mental Terror, Rokko Anal And The Coathangers, Dr. Mad Fister, Thee Poschband R'n'R Service, Ni, Martin Zrost, Muscle Tomcat Machine, Izen, Lepenik, Hella Comet, Raumschiff Engelmayr, Slobodan Kajkut, Bulbul, Marek, The Pooka Boys, Marufura Fufunjiru, Rdeca Raketa, Zuchthaus, Tumido, Frentellica, The Striggles, Gerald Neumann, Big D., Heifetz, Reflector, Road To Wineville, Flugfeld, Sans Secour, Heimo Wallner + Ron Rost, Bernd Heinrauch, DDKern Philipp Quehenberger, Kauders, Maja Osojnik + Ron Rost + Heimo Wallner + Martin Zrost, NoOne)



2012 The Striggles
DoLP-Vinyl (Noiseappeal 30 / Rock is Hell 36)

side 1



side 2



side 3

side 4
skull (continued)

Recorded by Striggles / Gurt / Glöckner

Mixed by The Striggles & Heinrauch



2011 StriggCatMummy
DoLP-Vinyl (Noiseappeal 28 / Rock is Hell 35)

side 1
fuck you

so poky

side 2
punky donky

chemo roller



side 3

side 4
hoogie page



Recorded by Stefan Bauer

Mixed by Bernd Heinrauch
Produced by Bernd Heinrauch & The Striggles



2010 Sisi Top Sessions

3-MC-Box (Schnapsidee 21) Limited to 60 Copies!

Recorded June 26th - 28th 2010 at Sisi Top Studio by Frente, Arne and The Striggles. Mixed & mastered by The Striggles.

Cover-Artwork by Vladimir Nedeljkovic.

Sometime in June of 2010...., preparing to enter the studio to record their third LP, The Striggles went to Sisi Top Studio in order to record some improvisations.
Finally, the best takes are now available on triple cassette edition on this
Schnapsidee Records/The Striggles Recordings.
  The edition is very limited to only 60 copies!



2010 Schnapsidee #20


CD (Schnapsidee #20)

01) hella comet: west end
02) google: stromfront

03) heifetz: sonnenpfütze

04) marufura fufunjiru: ich habe heute an dich gedacht du alte drecksau

05) lepenik: ich kann mich nicht entsinnen

06) the striggles: aloha

07) iZen: hn1sau5

08) hypothetische lauttonkerker: meine omi

09) kauders: his

10) desperate to amuse: same shit - different day

11) chfs: zur zeit leider

12) reflector: field

13) huth: lamento 1

14) slobodan kajkut: cangaroo

15) (spätes) intro

16) binder krieglstein: hey ho sk sturm



2010 Cold Song

10"-Vinyl (Noiseappeal 22)

side 1
Cold Song (Henry Purcell)

Wauwau (Nina Hagen)

Je Te Veux (Eric Satie)

Recorded by Franz Gurt, Arne Glöckner & Striggles
Mixed by Bernd Heinrauch



2010 The Finest Noise Vol.24


Song No.8 is "Ease it" from the Striggles,  other songs from Reflector, Petula ua.



2009 Split-7" Reflector/The Striggles

Limited Vinyl 7"(Noiseappeal/Rock Is Hell/Interstellar)

Reflector: Sorry (The Striggles)

The Striggles: Disillusion (Reflector)

Recorded and mixed by Bernd Heinrauch



2009 Aloha

Vinyl (Noiseappeal 18)

side 1
ease it
life is pretty (black)

up to me

Recorded and mixed by Bernd Heinrauch



2009 Return To The Mother



CD (Woodrecords wd90)

01) return of the mother - loop aznavour (u.k.)
02) superboy -schleusolz (frankfurt)
03) he shiva shankara - bobo golem (las vegas)

04) universal radio - nevin lyle (va.)

05) smack jack - spaceheaters (wy.)

06) antiworld - ancient pistol (boston)

07) iki maska - djet (moscow)

08) zero zero ufo - the carson mc cullers (va.)

09) immer lauter - mwf (n.c.)

10) the gods of aquarius - mary jane (fla.)

11) wau wau - the striggles (graz)

12) flying saucers - weird paul petrovsky (pittsburg)

all songs based on music and lyrics by nina hagen.


2008 Expressionism

Vinyl, CD (Noiseappeal 13 + 14)

01) sorry
02) it's just a joke
03) endless waves
04) free to be saved
05) mmh_zzz
06) choral
07) suzie
08) each time you pop up
09) adoration

Recorded and mixed by Bernd Heinrauch


2007 Demo

(Sasa Tapes)


01) sorry
02) it's just a joke
03) free to be saved
04) endless ways
05) no tears
06) each time you pop up
07) something has gone wrong

Recorded and mixed by Sasa Prolic ____________________